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In January 1809, a group of Glasgow merchants and tradesmen living in Stirlingshire got together to found a Society to give practical and financial assistance to people in the former county boundary whose needs were greater than their own and who would otherwise have been destitute. Living conditions for many at that time were harsh, with no social security of any kind.

Within the new network of county benevolent associations established in the early years of the nineteenth century, the Society flourished and in 1871 amalgamated with its counterpart for the town of Stirling.

Previous Sons of the Rock

Previous Sons of the Rock

Today the Society is the only surviving example of this type of charity in Scotland. It became incorporated in 1924, and in 2004 was reconstituted as a company limited by guarantee.

Within the Stirling and Falkirk Council areas, we give grants to improve the quality of life for individuals who are disadvantaged by social or educational need or disability and who are identified by a local third sector organisation, a social enterprise, a carer, or other professional

In the same geographical areas, we also support voluntary sector organisations providing services that enable individuals, families and local communities to overcome disadvantage. Uniquely for a funding body, the Sons of the Rock Society is also a Membership organisation. We welcome new members, who are eligible to receive our Newsletter and take part in our programme of two special Events per year, one of these being our Annual Gathering and public lecture. The minimum annual donation of £25 is matched by the Society’s investment income to directly finance the Sons of the Rock grants programme. The more members we have the more people we are able to support.

Why we are needed today

In the current economic climate an increasing number of people are living on a declining income and many families and individuals now face extreme financial hardship, often accompanied by mental or physical disability.  In keeping with its 200 – year history, the Society’s mission to meet this challenge is as essential today as it has ever been.

The Households Below Average Income figures for 2014/15 show that child poverty is on the rise, with 200,000 more children in poverty. The number of children in poverty (after housing costs are taken into account) increased from 3.7 million to 3.9 million. Most worryingly of all, this includes a 6% rise in the proportion of children in poverty in working families – with two thirds of children in poverty now in working families.(https://www.gov.uk/government)

The percentage of children in Falkirk, living in absolute poverty (after housing costs) is 21%. The percentage of children living in absolute poverty in Stirling is 17%. CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) 2014

160 people including 40 children receive emergency food from our crisis Food Banks each week.( Start – up Stirling)