Application Forms

Notes: Please read before completing the Grant Application Form.

Applicants need to be aged over 16 and normally resident in the Stirling and Falkirk Council areas; there is no upper age limit. A beneficiary of a grant who is related to the applicant may be younger than 16 years.

The Trustees seek to give grants which will improve the quality of life for individuals from any age group who are disadvantaged by social or educational need or disability and who are identified by a carer, minister, or social / community education worker.

If you are endorsing an application it would be helpful if you considered the following:

Is there evidence of financial need?

Would receiving the grant make a significant difference to the life of the applicant?

Does the applicant have access to another income stream?

Does the application conform to the Society’s principles and grant guidelines?

Please note the Society does not give individual grants for:

  • Medical treatment or medical research.
  • Deficit funding or repayment of loans.
  • Retrospective funding.
  • Projects unable to start within 12 months.
  • Distribution to third party organisations.
  • General appeals and endowment funds.
  • The relief of statutory responsibilities.

The Society does not give individual grants to public bodies and local authorities. However, the Trustees will consider making a grant to an individual in response to an application endorsed by a local authority intermediary such as a social or community education worker acting as a referee.

The Society’s Trustees reserve the right to ask for a statement of financial need relating to the applicant or his/her own family.

The Trustees reserve the right not to disclose their reasons for supporting or refusing an individual application, and to amend the Society’s grants guidelines at any time.

The Trustees meet in February, May, August and November but may consider an urgent grant application between meetings. Please contact the Secretary for any further information about the application procedure.

The limited amount of money available to the Trustees for grants in any given year is directly dependent on the continuing support of the Sons of the Rock Society’s members and any surplus funds generated from the special events which the Society holds in the Stirling and Falkirk areas.

We may publicise stories about successful grant applicants with their prior approval, in order to raise public awareness of the work carried out by the Society. Unless we hear to the contrary, we will presume the applicant has no objection to our doing so. For more information on the Society, see


For individuals, our aim is to help people from any age group who are impoverished by social or educational need.

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Sons of the Rock – Application Form for Individuals

For groups and organisations, special importance will be placed on projects that benefit communities impoverished by social or educational need.

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Sons of the Rock – Application Form for Organisations

These Grant Guidelines may be revised periodically by the Society’s Board of Trustees. The decision of the Trustees in the interpretation of the Guidelines in response to any specific grant application is final.