Grant Guidelines

The Sons of the Rock grant programme reflects the historic role of the Society as a long established philanthropic membership organisation, giving real meaning to our mission of ‘Giving Directly to Local People in Crisis.’

This is especially relevant at a time of continuing cuts in the provision of welfare and other State benefits which directly affect the most vulnerable members of local communities, who are the principal focus of the Society’s grant support.

Individual grants are given to meet a pressing social or educational need or disability and all are based on the written recommendation of a carer, social worker or professional referee

The Society does not give grants for:

  • Medical treatment or medical research.
  • Deficit funding or repayment of loans.
  • Retrospective funding.
  • Projects unable to start within 12 months.
  • Distribution to third party organisations.
  • General appeals and endowment funds.
  • The relief of statutory responsibilities.

Individuals apply to the Society to meet a very wide range of needs. Your application will be more likely to succeed if it clearly states:

  • Details of the crisis
  • Costs of any items required
  • Sum requested
  • Signature of person supporting the application

If you are endorsing an Application it would be helpful if you considered the following questions:

  • Is there evidence of financial need?
  • Would receiving the grant make a significant difference to the applicants’s life?
  • Does the applicant have access to another income stream?
  • Does the application conform to the Society’s agreed principles and grant guidelines?